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Paisley Valley cooperatives produce stylish and beautiful accessories including bangles, purses, shoulder and ring bags.

Below are the accessories as well as detail of the stitch of the bags and purses. Click on an image to enlarge as well as see the dimensions. The shapes, sizes and colors can be customized for wholesale or custom orders.

Shoulder Bags
Ring Bags

Purses: There are three color variations of the purse, blue, red and multi-color. Each has a large pocket in the front with a flap, a small side pocket, adjustable strap and zips shut. Crewel work is used to give the purses a vibrant and colorful floral design.

Blue Blossoms (front)     Blue Blossom (rear)

Colorful Blossoms

    Red Blossoms


Shoulder Bags: Shoulder bags are a convenient yet stylish way to take things with you. The crewel work designs range from floral, to geometric designs to animal figures and come in three sizes.

  Red Leaf   Yellow Flower  
  Black Pattern   Blue Vine  
  Yellow Pattern   Multi Flower  
  Blue Flower   Orange Flower  
  Animal Faces      


Ring Bags: Ring bags have crewel work designs on the exterior, and added strength with an interior canvas lining. This makes them well suited for activities such as shopping.

Orange Flower   Orange Paisley  
Blue Flower      



Bangles: The Kashmiri bangle is a departure from the ordinary. The lively designs and shining varnish make the Kashmiri bangle an exciting accessory.

Bangles (several sizes)

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