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Decorative items include decorative bowls, plates, trays, vases, hanging ornaments (bells, suns, balls), decorative eggs and picture frames. All items are paper mache based, the vibrant designs glisten in the light and add a unique touch to office or home.

Below are some images of Decorative Items available from Paisley Valley. Remember, as will all Paisley Valley products, the shape, size and color can be varied to suit your taste for custom orders.

Click on any item to view a larger image as well as dimensions.

Decorative Bowls and Boxes
Hanging Ornaments
Decorative Eggs
Picture Frames

Decorative Bowls and boxes: These bright and colorful bowls and boxes vary in size and come in many different styles. They can be used for storing items (nuts, candy, paper clips, pens, pencils etc.) or left empty as a piece of art in its own right. Most include a base and a top which are cut from the same mould. The ones with tops are hollow inside.

While the entire item is painted and varnished, the top is generally the location of the main design. Given that they can be created in any size and style, there are many creative uses for them. One such example is to give a smaller version as wedding favors with the bride and groom's name as part of the design.

Some examples of decorative bowls and boxes are seen below.

Small Bowls

  Purple Floral Blooming Iris Flower Bouquet Dark Blue Floral

  Light Blue Floral Orange Iris Terra Chinar Cobalt Chinar

  Yellow Chinar Multi Flower   Open Bowl

Large Bowls

  Multi Floral Crimson Floral Multi Bouquet Red Chinar
Crown Bowls


Blue Crown

Green Crown

Scarlet Crown

Open Crown Bowl
Candy Bowls      

Chinar Candy




  Chinar Square Bird Song Chinar Pencil Floral Pencil
Open Lid



Plates: Decorative paper mache plates are typically used to add a beautiful accent to a wall or table-top. They generally have circular designs, however it is common to also see free-forms covering the plate. The non-circular designs usually consist of blooming floral patterns.

Small Plates

  Blue Floral Chinar Multi Chinar Golden Wide
Large Plates
  Chinar Golden Narrow Chinar Red Chinar White


Trays: The trays come in rectangular and circular shapes. As with all paper mache the shiny finish provide an eye-catching glossiness to an already beautiful design.

Circular Chinar

Blooming Garden


Vases: There are a few shapes of vases that are traditionally used in Kashmir. Vases are unique in that the core is actually metal, which is covered in paper mache and then follows the rest of the paper mache process (smoothing, painting, varnishing). The vases should not be used to hold any liquids.

Blue Velvet

White Satin


Hanging Ornaments: These items are perfect as tree ornaments, rearview mirror accessories, or anywhere bright and colorful designed hanging ornaments would add a special touch. Some of the common ornaments are spheres, sunmen, and bells. Crescents and stars are also popular.

Spheres (multiple)
Sunman (multiple)
Floral Bell


Decorative Eggs: They can be used as holiday accents, or as fun and unique decorations anytime of the year.

Eggs (multiple)


Picture Frames: A beautiful frame adds to the beauty of the picture. The right color scheme and shape of the frame can be picked to complement the picture it houses. Each frame has a stand on the back.



Cream Floral

Blue Heart

Crimson Floral

Pink Chinar



Crimson Oval

Multi Square

Golden Grain

Forest Square

Large Frames



Blue Vine


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