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In the dining room, Paisley Valley offers napkins, napkin rings, coaster sets and candle holders.

Below are home decor items, click on an image to enlarge and view the dimensions.

Coaster Sets
Napkins and Napkin Rings
Candle Holders

Coaster Sets: Coaster sets come with 6 coasters with velvet bases and coaster box. The coaster and boxes have a consistent design for each set. The boxes can be either circular, square or have an open top.


  Green Floral Red Floral Red Chinar

  Black Floral Multi-Floral  



  Square Black Foral
Square Blue Floral  

  Purple Floral Blue Floral  


Napkin and Napkin Holders: The cotton napkins have an embroidered boarder along with a small embroidered design. The napkin holders are paper mache and come in sets of two or four.

Napkin Rings and Napkin

Candle Holders: (sold as pair)

Burgandy Chinar

Blooming Forest


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