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Namdhas are traditional Kashmiri floor coverings made of pressed felt, which is either pure wool or a mixture of wool and cotton. To produce it, un-spun wool (and sometimes cotton) is uniformly spread on a mat, folded and pressed by foot for felting. The felt is then milled, washed and dried. The next step is to apply a design (usually natural or floral) which is embroidered using crewel work. Namdhas are usually rectangular or circular, and are generally white, although they are available in many colors. In some areas of Kashmir, the namdha was used as bedding, even as a mattress, in addition to floor covering. Namdhas are a great way to add a simple yet attractive color accent to any room or office. Namdhas were the first items that the cooperatives produced on a large scale, starting over 30 years ago.

Below are the namdhas as well as detail of the stitch, click on an image to enlarge as well as view the dimensions. As with all items, these represent just a sample of the shapes, sizes and colors of namdhas, it is common to customize for all three for wholesale or custom orders.


Round Floral


Round Jungle


Rectangle Alphabet


Happy Monkey


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