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Pashmina wool, also called cashmere, is extremely fine wool woven from the undercoat of the Pashmina goat.  Pashmina is silky soft to the touch, yet it provides outstanding warmth. It is so fine that only needlework can be used for embroidery, crewel work which is used on merino wool shawls is too heavy.

The best Pashmina is harvested from goats that live in high altitudes, up to 18,000 feet above sea level. Harvesting Pashmina is a very painstakingly slow and precise undertaking, the fine downy hair that is hidden beneath the protective coarse hair of the goat is either combed out or plucked out by hand during molting season; it cannot be sheared.   Only a limited quantity of this luxurious fabric is produced each year.  However the term Pashmina is used generically nowadays, most of what is touted as Pashmina are wool/silk blends, cotton/silk blends, or entirely synthetic material (viscose being the most common). Paisley Valley carries only authentic high-quality Kashmiri Pashmina.

Pashmina shawls come in variety of colors and designs, most have needlework border designs, while some are naked. Pictures cannot capture the suppleness and beauty of the shawls, which are a delight to sight as well as touch.

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Embroiderd Pashmina
Naked Pashmina

Embroidered Pashmina

Black Garden Graceful Ivory
Tan Pallu Elegant Gray
Classic Paisley    


Naked Pashmina

Naked Beauty

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