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Pillow covers are embroidered using chain stitch or crewel work.  As with wall hangings, the thread can be shiny silk or matte-finished wool. Sizes and shapes vary, with square, rectangular and tubular the most common. Pillow covers come in sets of two. Pillow covers also vary in the type of thread used in the stitch: silk thread provides a shining quality, while wool thread has a matte-like finish. It is common to find a piece that is a combination of both, with the contrasting threads complementing each other and adding a multi-faceted texture.

Below are the pillow covers as well as detail of the stitch, click on an image to enlarge.


Royal Bouquet (wool)


Butterfly (wool)


White on White (silk and wool)


Crewel Floral (wool)



Indigo Geo (wool)

    Crimson Geo (silk)  

Forest Geo (wool)


Beige Geo (silk)


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