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Wall Hangings: Wall hangings can best be described as Kashmiri tapestries. The artisans use a chain stitch to bring the designs to life, which are stitched onto double ply fabric and usually have tassels on both ends. The entire piece is covered with the stitch which bestows it a look of a painting more than an embroidered item. The designs can range from free-form scenes of nature, to blooming flowers, to geometric patterns, to a combination.  Wall hangings also vary in the type of thread used in the stitch: silk thread provides a shining quality, while wool thread has a matte-like finish. It is common to find a piece that is a combination of both, with the contrasting threads complementing each other and adding a multi-faceted texture. Wall hangings can be hung length or width wise, and with the many color mixtures there is something that can match the color scheme of any room. The beauty of a wall hanging can be further highlighted by track lighting, which can instantly make the item a conversation item and greatly enhance the look of any room.

Below are the wall hangings as well as detail of the stitch, click on an image to enlarge and view dimensions. The shapes, sizes and colors can be customized for wholesale or custom orders. The skilled artisans can take a picture (a house, office building, child’s name etc.) and through chain stitch, bring it to life in a wall hanging.


Glisteing Red(silk)


Swirls of Bloom (silk)


Crimson Medallion (silk)


Floral Mansion (silk)


Pink Contrast (wool & silk)


Yellow Medallion (silk)


Natural Compass (silk)


Lavender Tree (silk)



Floral Ocean (wool & silk)


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