Thank you for your interest. Whether you are focusing on fair trade items or you are a conventional retailer, Paisley Valley is very interested in wholesale orders. Some reasons to partner with us include:

  1. The products: they are absolutely beautiful and unique fair trade items
  2. Marketability: the items are very marketable, apart from being fair trade, items like the paper mache are made from recycled newspaper
  3. Track Record: the cooperatives have successfully fulfilled significant orders for organizations such as Oxfam Europe. All orders go through a Quality Assurance process to ensure that all items are done according to specifications.
  4. Have it your way: have an idea for a wall hanging or paper mache design? Want some specific colors or picture, or have a design for a purse? We can create custom work for any item, if you can dream it we can get it done.
  5. Multi-tier: we can provide items with retail price points of under $10, or amazing hand embroidered Pashmina shawls with price points in the hundreds of dollars.
  6. Profit: Since we represent producers directly, cutting out many layers inh between, we can ensure that you have a healthy profit margin.

If you are a retailer focusing on fair trade items, or have a fair trade section, good for you, we wish you much continued success. If you are a ‘conventional’ retailer, realize that fair trade is a major trend and it would be wise to consider carrying fair trade items. Not just because you would be supporting a more equitable business model, but it’s a good business decision. Fair trade is growing, and more customers are voting with their dollars and choosing to take their businesses to establishments that support it.

Please feel free to contact us; we look forward to speaking with you.


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