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Kashmiri wool shawls are made from finely spun merino wool. Designs might be limited to the border, or flow across the entire article. Wool shawls provide great warmth and style, and are in numerous colors. The design can be either embroidered through needlework or crewel work, or woven in the shawl. The delicacy of workmanship and the amount of embroidery determines the value of the shawl.

Below are wool shawls, select any image to enlarge.

Classic Border
Full Design
.....Crewl Work
.....Double Sided

Classic Border: Traditionally Kashmiri, the border of the entire shawl has a beautiful design.

Gorgeous Ivory Timeless Paisley
Majestic Pallu Antique Pallu
Dazzling Flowers Vibrant Blossoms

Full Design: These have flowing designs across most of the shawl, either crewel work, or needlework.

Crewel Work

Blossom Surge Pretty in Pink
Midnight Garden Paisley Splash
Vivid Blossoms Magnificent Bouquet
Paisley Wave    



Monarch Motif Crimson Boteh
Ivory Crown Royal Crest
Graceful Scarlet Dark Checker
Fluid Motif Swaying Boteh
Scarlet Elegance Tan Expanse
Interlocking Vine Petite Boquet  


Double sided: Kashmiri needlework can be done so skillfully that the motif appears on both sides of the shawl, each side having a different color scheme. This is extremely difficult, as the artisan has to embroider both side at the same place with different colors without showing the open threads on either side. A true testament to the workmanship of the artisan!

Twofold Beauty




Cream Elegance Woven Beauty



Multi Colored

Natural Splendor

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