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Paisley Valley works with several indigenous Kashmiri cooperatives that strive to empower and uplift individuals through training which provides sustainable and fair employment. One cooperative was established in 1974 as a co-operative society for the welfare of women of the lowest socio-economic strata. Structurally it is a society of women who have democratically elected their office bearers, and it is registered and recognized with both the state and federal governments since its inception.

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The aim of the cooperative has been the welfare of needy and neglected women overwhelmed by socio economic injustice and  violence - domestic and armed. Since the beginning the self governing cooperative has been designing and running programs to teach traditional handicraft skills. Using their new skills they create beautiful and elegant pieces, including the exquisite and stylish apparel and household items available to you from Paisley Valley.

In addition to the economic and educational services, the cooperative supports a sister organization that provides an orphanage, health care, education and financial assistance. Their goals are to stand against exploitation, oppression and social injustice against women and children while raising their educational, social and economic status. They do this by raising literacy level by imparting formal and non-formal education and providing training for self employment. No children are put to work, instead they are given a solid education.

Over the last 30 years they have gained a great deal of respect and many contacts among the non-profit/social work sector and both the cooperative and their directors have been recognized for the outstanding achievement they have had in the areas of social work .

Real lives have been positively affected by the cooperative, such as Sajah, who was destitute and homeless with no support. She heard of the cooperative which was able provide her training and through her work there she was ultimately able to construct a three room house. Today she is proud of the cooperative for providing her financial assistance to get herself rehabilitated while preserving her dignity.

The reality is that each item offered by Paisley Valley has a story to tell. Behind each product there is a real person who's life is being positively affected, and it is our hope that through this initiative, there will be many more who will be able to break the cycle of poverty and give their families hope and a chance to move forward.




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